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September 02, 2014
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Updated: Sep. 02 (10:03)

Big Toy Show and BBQ
IUEC Local 10
Annual Family/Kids Christmas Party Date
IUEC Local 10
Voluntary Short-Term Disability Enrollment Now Open
AFA US Airways MEC
Stop the War on Police
Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio, Inc.
AFA ATL - Crew Room Sit 04SEP
AFA-CWA Local Council 57
APWU: COLA Increase
FEDS Feed Families

Help Local 12 and FEDS Feed Families: Here are the Food Banks’ most wanted items: Foods high in protein such as canned meats (i.e.
Download: Feds-Feed-Families-Most-Wanted-List-2014.pdf , FFF_flyer_Hygiene_Items.pdf , FFF_Online_Donations_2014.pdf

Secretary’s new initiative, ROAD

updated 7/21/14 12:38pm Click here you must have a log-in and password.

2014 Steward Nominations and Elections

Jul 8, 2014 Details: Brothers and Sisters in OSHA;  Recently, Local 12 requested all members interested in filling 50 Steward positions apply.  Unfortunately, we received 51 applications, or, one too many.  At the last Executive Board Meeting, held on May 20, 2014, the Officers voted to conduct the election in the Agency of OSHA to eliminate the extra one.

What's Happening with the Overtime Case? New: Claim Form Attached

June, 2, 2014 Dear Members: Please review the attached document carefully if you believe that you are eligible for the overtime case that the union filed in August of 2006.  The actual claim for time for the claim begins in August of 2003 going forward.

Local 12 Election 2014 updated 3/4/2014

Agency Vice-Presidents Nominations (AVPs) for the following agencies/divisions: Office of the Secretary Ms. Liz Hamman-Bolstein Mr. Gregory Green Employee Benefits Security Admin. and OWCP Mr. Darren D. Foster Ms. Tina Bynum Bureau of Labor Statistics Mr. Scott Paris Employment & Training Administration Mr.
Download: L12 ElectionNoticeFeb2014.pdf , Election Nominees.pdf , Agency Vice President Nominations.pdf , General Election Results msha.pdf , Runoff Election Results 800ncap.pdf , Runoff Election Results BLS.pdf , General Election Results 800ncap.pdf , General Election Results BLS.pdf , General Election Results FP.pdf , Runoff Election Results FP.pdf , Runoff Election Results msha.pdf

The New Article 5 Core Hours and PeopleTime

Hello Local 12 members, With the help of AVPs Tina Bynum and Judith Weinberg, please use the below guidelines for PeopleTime and the Core Hours. Please direct any questions or concerns to your AVPs and Stewards : Hello, Bargaining Unit members.

Proposed 2013 By-Laws

Hello Local 12 members, The By-laws Committee members apologize for the earlier mix up and request that you conduct a side by side review of the proposed By-laws against the current by-laws. The changes in the proposed By-laws are reflected by RED FONT.

Secretary Perez's Commitment to Improve Morale At United States Department of Labor effective now

  Dear Members: I am sorry for overburdening you with so much email today, however, while Congress fiddles, we need to move forward with the Union’s efforts to work with the new Secretary to improve  the morale and leadership at the Department of Labor.

updated Collective Bargaining Agreement now in effect

Dear Members: We are pleased to announce that the new collective bargaining agreement is effective as of today’s date. The new agreement will be posted on the DOL Intranet no later than close of business tomorrow. We will work with management as quick as is possible to produce hard copies of the new collective bargaining agreement to distribute to the employees and supervisors.

Save the FPB Post Office

Dear Members: As many of you are aware, there are efforts to reduce post office service throughout the country. One of the sights under discussion is the Post Office in the Frances Perkins Building.  Attached is a survey concerning the FPB Post Office.  Obviously, the larger the response we provide the greater chances that we can keep the Post Office open.

Weather Report

Alex Bastani, AFGE Local 12 President stands with Saul Schniderman, President of AFSCME Council 26 speaks out at the Rally to end Sequestration

Alex Bastani, AFGE Local 12 President stands with Saul Schniderman, President of AFSCME Council 26 speaks out at the Rally to end Sequestration

Members speak out about the furloughs at the Rally to end Sequestration

members speak out about how the furloughs at the Rally to end Sequestration

Rally to end Sequestration

Local 12 ETA AVP Stephanie Graf speaks out about the furloughs

Rally to end Sequestration

Rally to end Sequestration
Rally to end Sequestration
Local 12, 17, 3403, and 3615, & AFSME members gather for the 3/20/13 Rally to end Sequestration
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