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December 05, 2020
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Updated: Dec. 04 (23:07)

El Paso police officer arrested on suspicion of helping local drug distributor
El Paso Municipal Police Officers' Association
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General Membership Meeting Notice December 2020
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CSA National Highlights

The Community Services Agency has a long standing history of assisting our union sisters and brothers in the time of need.  For this reason we would like to ensure that the CSA has the funds to continue this much needed service.
Download: Show Some Love and Solidarity - CSA.pdf , CSA Annual Highlights_2019_ 4 pager (1) (1).pdf

DOL-AFGE Local 12 Collective Bargaining Agreement (2020) Executed

Local 12 and DOL executed the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) (2020), which may be found under Member Resources under "Executed CBA 2020," along with a summary of its provisions and a brief PowerPoint Presentation on it.

Coronavirus & DOL Employees: Impact & Responses

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Local 12 has been fighting to ensure that bargaining unit members can effectively balance work and life responsibilities.

Stop BLS from moving - contact Sen. Cardin's office now!

Dear Local 12 members: Senator Cardin is in dialogue with other Congressional leaders about the fate of BLS, in particular whether to support moving moving BLS out to Suitland.  Please contact his office immediately with the message below.  We are asking all BLS members, all BLS employees, all Local 12 members and all other Maryland residents to do so now.

The Coronavirus and DOL Employees

Dear Local 12 Members: Please stay safe and keep checking for updates on the Coronavirus and its potential impact on federal workers: Follow safe hygiene practices to reducing the chances of transmission; Look to DOL guidance on the potential impact on your work; If you are sick (e.g.

Status of Collective Bargaining Agreement at the start of 2020

The 2013 Collective Bargaining Agreement between Local 12 and USDOL remains in effect under bargaining groundrules.  USDOL requested to reopen bargaining and, in the past year, the parties have reached tentative agreement on 28 articles, with the Official Time article to still be finalized. Support Local 12 in fighting for your rights!

Shared Services Initiative

Greetings Local 12 Sisters and Brothers,   Over the past few weeks and months I am sure you have heard the term Shared Services throughout the Department. The Shared Services Initiative is focused on the following areas: Human Resources, Information Technology, Procurement and Personnel Security.  It will affect everyone in the Department in some way.
Download: DOL Enterprise.pdf

Keeping up with National AFGE News
Our National AFGE is working hard to represent all our members across the country and particularly in DC.  For more information, please visit
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