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Article 11 Employee Wellness
Updated On: Oct 29, 2013

Article 11

Employee Wellness

Section 1. General

The Department and Local 12 agree that the well-being of Department of Labor

employees is a mutual interest of fundamental importance. Accordingly, we are

mutually committed to maintaining a healthy, quality work environment for those

employees and to promoting and fostering programs which will enhance their wellbeing.

The Department, within budgetary limitations, operates a health services

program and wellness/physical fitness programs. To the extent of its authority and

resources, the Department is committed to providing a quality work environment

for its employees. The Department and Local 12 recognize that some of the

activities envisioned in this Article may involve voluntary employee financial

contributions, in part or whole. While the Department and Local 12 are committed

to these activities as positive contributions to employees’ well-being, job

performance, and productivity, they agree that employee wellness is ultimately the

individual responsibility of each employee.

Section 2. Health Services Program

a. The Department has established, within budgetary limitations, a Health

Services Program according to guidelines and procedures specified in

Department of Labor Manual Series (DLMS) 4, Chapter 800. Various health

services may be provided to the Department’s employees through the

Program including periodic medical screening for early detection of potential

health problems such as diabetes, visual defects, glaucoma, hearing

defects, etc.; immunizations; periodic medical examinations for employees

whose work is a source of health risk; and biennial health maintenance


b. Biennial employee health maintenance examinations will be offered to

employees age forty (40) and over, within budgetary limitations. Priority

will be given to those employees applying for the first time. After this,

priority will be given to employees on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Employee participation will be voluntary. Results of the examination will be

furnished only to the employee and/or to a private physician designated by

the employee in writing.

c. The Department will advise employees periodically of the availability of such

periodic medical screening and health maintenance examinations so that

those eligible employees who are interested may apply. At least two (2)

weeks will be allowed for employees to respond to notices for health

maintenance exams.

Section 3. Wellness/Fitness Programs

a. The Department and Local 12 are mutually committed to the concept of

wellness and fitness programs as a valuable means of enhancing the wellbeing,

and thereby, the performance and productivity of the Department’s

employees. In addition to the more traditional medical services provided by

the Department, wellness programs can provide counseling and assistance

to employees on health issues such as life style, nutrition, avoidance of

harmful substances, and positive mental health. Fitness programs are

developed as one component of the Department’s overall commitment to

employee wellness.

b. Local 12 and the Department will work cooperatively under the forums

provided for in Article 40 to identify employee wellness/fitness needs and

develop the programs which will address those needs. The Department will

notify Local 12 prior to implementing any new programs according to their

normal notification procedure.

c. Because of the variety of work locations of employees in the Washington,

D.C., metropolitan area, various physical fitness/wellness program models

will be developed to meet employee needs. These models may, within

budgetary limitations, do any of the following:

(1) Coordinate with other local Federal Agencies to establish a joint


(2) Establish a program or fitness center for DOL employees only;

(3) Obtain a group contract with a commercial facility;

(4) Negotiate a corporate rate for employees with a commercial facility;

(5) Provide financial assistance for employees with personal

memberships at commercial facilities when the models above are not

practical; or

(6) To the extent possible, these programs will be tailored to the unique

conditions at each work location.

d. The Department and Local 12 agree that the costs for wellness/fitness

programs will normally be shared by participating employees with the

Department. The Department’s funding formula, which sets a limit per

participating employee for the Department’s share, will apply both to startup

costs for new programs and recurring costs for established programs. As

the amount of Federal funds available to support Federal fitness/wellness

programs is limited, it is agreed that the Department will periodically review

the formula for determining the amount of funds available for this purpose.

The reason for periodically reviewing the formula is to ensure that the

Department will share with participating employees the costs associated

with establishing and maintaining viable physical fitness/wellness programs.

e. Employees are encouraged to take advantage of fitness/wellness programs.

New employees should be informed about the availability of fitness/wellness

programs during orientation.

f. The fitness facilities are to be used by an employee only while on approved

leave or during non-work time.

Section 4. Fitness Facilities in Frances Perkins Building

The parties agree that, within budgetary limitations, the Department shall continue

to provide a fitness center, including space, office equipment, supplies, telephones,

and maintenance services in the Frances Perkins Building (FPB) on the Service

Level (SL-7). All such equipment and services shall be for the duration of the


Section 5. Other Fitness Programs

Fitness programs negotiated for all other DOL work locations will continue in


Section 6. Renegotiation

If a shortage of funds or Department mission priorities require changes in the

Department’s support of Fitness Centers, negotiations on this Article may be

reopened at the request of either party.

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