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July 14, 2020
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Updated: Jul. 14 (23:05)

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Article 40 Labor-Management Relations
Posted On: Oct 29, 2013

Article 40

Labor-Management Relations

Section 1. Statement of Purpose

The parties recognize that the entrance into a formal collective bargaining

agreement is but one act leading toward a constructive labor-management

relationship. The success of a labor-management relationship is further assured

through regular communication with each other on matters of mutual concern or

interest in the area of conditions of employment.

Section 2. Levels of Communication

To promote a constructive labor-management relationship, Local 12 and the

Department are committed to establishing and maintaining communication

between the parties throughout all levels of the Department. Such communication

shall characterize the relationship at every level and shall be held at appropriately

scheduled times, augmented by ad hoc communication as necessary.

Section 3. Department Level Labor-Management Relations

Local 12 and the Department are committed to establishing and maintaining

ongoing dialogue and communication between the parties. The President of Local

12 and the Director of Employee and Labor-Management Relations, together with

their respective designees, will make every effort to communicate on a regular

basis with an emphasis toward continuous, positive, and pro-active labormanagement

relations. The parties also agree to maintain a Department Labor-

Management Relations Committee, comprised of up to five members from each

party, for consideration of Department-wide issues. The Committee shall meet at

the request of either party, but not more frequently than quarterly.

Section 4. DOL Agency Labor-Management Relations

a. In furtherance of effective labor-management relations, the parties will

engage in communications at the Agency level. Toward this end, Local 12

and the Agency shall each name up to five (5) members to serve on an

Agency Labor-Management Relations Committee. The Agency Labor-

Management Relations Committee shall meet quarterly, unless agreed to

otherwise. For purposes of this Section, all components not listed herein

shall be considered to be one combined Agency:

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Employee Benefits Security Administration

Employment Standards Administration

Employment and Training Administration

Mine Safety and Health Administration

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management

Office of the Solicitor

b. The Director of Employee and Labor-Management Relations and the

designated Union Agency Vice President or their designees will coordinate

for purposes of the combined “Agency.” Where the issues of concern relate

to a specific organizational component of the combined “Agency,” the

Director and Vice President will coordinate with the appropriate parties.

c. If the DOL Agency and the Union Agency Vice President mutually agree, the

DOL Agency and the Union may communicate informally in regard to

planned space changes or organizational changes. Such communication

may provide for Management to consider input from employees and the

Union regarding space changes or organizational changes.

AFGE Local 12
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